Sunday, April 3, 2016

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Doctor appreciate your effort and time to attend to our facility. However, in order to avoid long queque and long waiting time, doctor hope you can make an appointment before. Doctor has to handle each patient for sometime (around 50 minutes each session) to optimize the treatment process. Therefore, doctor can only handle 3 patients per day.

For appointment please contact :
Shelly Iskandar, MD, PhD, psychiatrist
Through  Melinda 2 Hospital Staffs
Phone : (022) 4233777 / (022) 4239953
Emergency : (022) 4232777

WhatsApp : 082320064078
Jl. Dr. Cipto no 2, Bandung (across Istana Plaza Mall)

Practice schedule :
from Monday to Friday
4 pm to 8 pm
On Saturday and Sunday or public holiday or certain days when I have to attend seminar/ symposium, I am sorry that I cannot provide psychiatric services.
Doctor's Schedule in April and May 2017:
27-29 April 2017: As speaker in 5th Asian College of Neuropsychopharmacology (AsCNP)  Title: "Impulsivity and Addiction"
5-6 May 2017       : As speaker in workshop “How to Handle Difficult Patients?” in Mental Health and Addiction and Neuroscience (PINKAN 2)
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