Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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Men's & Women's Psychological Wellness

Men's Psychological Wellness/ Health
    There are unique psychological wellness needs for men. Men typically are pressurized into living up to the macho and infallible image. Many men thus do not get seek medical help so as to avoid the vulnerable feeling when they are placed in the patients’ role. In addition, men are usually less keen to open up and talk about their feelings to others as such behaviour may be viewed as non-masculine. 
    With the above mind sets, many men who are stressed or facing emotional problems do not seek help at all. Some may turn to alcohol/illicit drugs usage or display poor anger/impulse control as means of coping. Others suffer in silence.  
    When faced with the possibility of an emotional problem, early assessment and treatment by a specialist with a core understanding of how men feel and behave are critical to ensure men are able to perform at work, in school and in their relationships with their loved ones or colleagues.
    On the other hand, sometimes it is not about needing treatment for an illness but also on what men can do to attain psychological wellness to perform at their peak levels.
Women's Psychological Wellness/ Health
    Similar to men, women also have their unique psychological needs.
    These commonly are:
- Striving a work and family-life balance, including managing marital/in-laws issues
- Going through the stages of pre, intra and post-natal psychological needs or emotional problems. Appropriate management of psychological problems during and after pregnancy (including breastfeeding mothers) is critical to ensure the best for the mother and the child
- Pre-menstrual emotional disturbances e.g. premenstrual dysphoric disorder and etc.
    When faced with the above potential problems, it is important to seek early assessment and intervention.

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